Muscle Guilds Mission

Muscle guild was created from a conversation in a group of Gym hobbyists, armatures and pro’s alike.

Our mission is to create a website full of information, from nutritional information to full workout plans, based on our experiences and leading reasearch into the bodybuilding world.

We plan to bring science and brute force together, allowing you to push to your limits and reach your goal with the correct techniques & diet.

We will prove it is possible to achieve true gains without the need to turn to performance enhancing drugs.

Muscle guild is an association, we do not sell products or market for any specific suppliers.

Our reviews are based on our opinions from using the supplements on specific workout days, the resistance used is even across all review days. if it’s no good… it’s no good, and we will give you the honest truth.

Muscle guild provides direct links to products from the website, purchasing through the links provided does allow Muscle Guild to receive a commission based on your purchase.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to see specific information, please get in tough and we will do our best to make it happen.

From all of us at Muscle Guild, thank you for visiting our website, your support is appreciated and is the true reason we are building this site.

Best wishes,

Muscle Guild
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