Home Gym for Beginners

Looking to get into Body building?

We all start somewhere, but not all of us like to jump straight into a gym contract and have the determination to stick it out, and usually wind up paying gym fees for a year while we stopped going after month one.

Sound familiar ? I was exactly the same, but after child two and a new job, and a ever expanding waist line, i decided to make use of that spare room and get in some gym equipment to fight the inner fatty..

Now lots of people start by buying some dumbbells or a treadmill on finance in the hope of shedding the weight in just a few months, but in reality it’s not going to happen.(unless you love cardio…)

So after evaluating myself, and giving my self a goal to lose weight and build muscle i set out looking for some affordable gym equipment, that would fit in the space i had and could be used in a variety of workouts.

Should i buy a Multi Gym?

No. Well, depending on your goals, while multi gyms are great for isolation exercises, they are limited in there use, and often restricted in the weight that can be added.

The aim of body building is to build a well proportioned symmetrical body, so unless you have enough money and space to fit in various resistance machines, i’d advise against it.

What we opted for.

We opted for the Gorilla Sports Workstation package with 100kg of Vinyl weights

gorilla sports workstation
Gorilla Sports Workstation

This unit is retailed for £269 ar GorillaSports.co.uk

The unit comes in the same price as a budget treadmill, or basic multi gym units.

Included in the package is:

Weight Bench:

  • For weight plates with a hole diameter of 30mm
  • Backrest: 6-way adjustable
  • Curl station: 3-way adjustable
  • Leg press: 3-way adjustable
  • Barbell rack with locking pins: 5-way adjustable

Free Wights:

  • 4 x 1.25KG weight plates
  • 4 x 2.5KG weight plates
  • 2 x 5KG weight plates
  • 2 x 10KG weight plates
  • 2 x 15KG weight plates
  • 1 x 170cm barbell bar – 10KG
  • 1 x 120cm EZ Curl bar – 8KG
  • 2 x 2.5KG 35cm dumbbell bars
  • 8 x Spinlock Star Collars to secure the weights
  • 31mm hole diameter – bars not suitable for use with 1inch weight plates.
  • Plate colour: Black
  • Plastic coating prevents scratches and scuffs to the floor of your workout area

Additional details: Bench dimensions (LxWxH): 180 cm, 106 cm, 90 – 110 cm. Cushion dimensions (LxWxH): Back cushion: 68cm, 28cm, 4cm. Curl station dimensions (LxWxH): 28cm, 44.5cm, 4cm. Possible exercises: Butterfly – max. 40KG per arm. Leg curl max. 60KG. Curl. Sit ups and abdominal workout. Bench press max. 180KG. Shoulder Training (Incline 90 degrees). Weight training (flat bench). Triceps push up.

What exercises can i do?

So as the station uses free weights, there are a number of exercises we can do, that target all muscle groups.

Below is a simplified list of workouts that can be performed using the equipment listed.

  • Bench press (All variations)
  • Incline bench press
  • Decline bench press (Bridge position)
  • Fly’s using breast rack or dumbbells (All variations)
  • Dips
  • Incline push-ups
  • Curl (All variations)
  • Preacher curl
  • Triceps extension
  • skull crusher
  • Pullovers
  • Leg extension (All variations)
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Good morning
  • Calf raises
  • Dead lift (Some variations)
  • Bent over row
  • Upright row
  • Overhead press
  • Wrist curls (All variations)
  • Abdominal crunches (All variations)

Completing these workouts while increasing the resistance up to 100 kg gives this workstation great value for money, and proves a must have addition when starting out.

Plus when you finally move on, you will likely make a good portion of you’re original investment back.

Where to buy?

Sold on the idea? well he best place to buy the workstation is direct from GorillaSports.co.uk

But if your looking for more of a deal, try re-seller sights to get the most bang for your buck!

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